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Susan Shie explains:

I painted and began to quilt this piece on August 24, 2001, during our Turtle Art Camp. We had just gotten a new Subaru Outback and with it, a baby fridge that you can plug into the accessory outlet (cigarette lighter). We already had made a Refrigerator piece for The Kitchen Tarot (#4, The Fridge/Emperor), but a challenge project came up on the Quilt Art email listserv, about refrigerators, so this was our answer to that. The challenge show on Quilt Art was called “Refrigerator Icons…” No, its actual long title was “Refrigerator Wardrobes: The Lives and Times of Kitchen Icons.” It’s a little maverick quilt, not part of the Kitchen Tarot deck.

In airbrush painting the composition on this piece, I asked each student in the August, 01 camp what they would conceptually like to include in the fridge, and it's all there, in that fun-filled airbrush painting demo! Then the piece became one of many things I'd work on throughout the months to follow. It got much more hand quilting and embroidery than I had planned...story of my life! Happily, Jimmy had used it during that same camp to demonstrate his very precise machine zigzag freehand work over my handwriting. I hand embroidered most of the writing and image lines.

We haven’t used the Baby Fridge much at all, but we finally bought the AC adapter this June, so Gretchen and Mike could use the fridge at their new house in Lakewood, during the weekend of their move, while they waited for their appliances to be delivered. But this year Rubbermaid has come out with a new cooler, some space age marvel that holds ice for five days! Baby Fridge may be a white elephant now! Ah, but wait! If you turn her plug around, she HEATS, too! Yea!

This piece was shown in an article by Nancy Eha, writing about unusual large beads, in the Fall 2002 issue of Quilting Arts magazine, issue #7. But Baby Fridge still wasn’t done then. It was actually finally finished in March 2003, before it went to Katie Pasquini Masopust’s Alegre Retreat’s “New Art Quilt X” exhibition in Santa Fe.

Toward Barred Island by Gayle Fraas and Duncan Slade (detail)

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Toward Barred Island by Gayle Fraas and Duncan Slade (detail)

Bottom left and right: Toward Barred Island (detail) by Gayle Fraas and Duncan Slade