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John Lefelhocz

John Lefelhocz is a conceptual artist primarily known for his quilts. While these works have included a host of found objects, including kitchen matches, sugar packets, glass beads, aluminum roof flashing, toy watches, pennies, marbles, orange weed whacker line, fluorescent lights, nylon window screening, dental floss, and plastic flies, they possess the basic structural characteristics of traditional quilts. They are made of predominantly fabric or fabric-like material and have at least two full and distinct layers—a face layer and a backing layer. The face and backing layers are held together by elements that pierce all layers and are distributed throughout the surface of the work. Although they are nonfunctional, John's art quilts also retain a symbiotic relationship with classic quilt design and often reference traditional patterns.

John studied mixed media at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, where he still lives. He invented the term "juxtapassion," a combination of the words juxtapose and passion, to describe his creative method of placing things he feels very strongly about side by side. In addition to quilts, John also creates works in many other media including sculpture, painting, beadwork (he considers any pierced object a bead), cartography, and the graphic arts. An avid cyclist and mechanic, he has owned Cycle Path Bicycles in Athens since the mid 1980s, a business he operates with his wife. One of his beaded pieces is "The Gecko Cruiser," a late '60s cruiser bicycle covered with 106,500 Czech glass beads that are held together with 493 feet if wire, nylon thread, and epoxy putty and arranged in a seamless tessellated pattern of repeating geckos, similar to M. C. Escher's famous designs.

John's quilted work debuted at Quilt National 1999, when Money for Nothing was juried into that prestigious exhibition. Over the past fourteen years, his work has been shown nationally and internationally and pictured in several books, including Robert Shaw's American Quilts: The Democratic Art, 1780-2007 and Masters: Art Quilts. Two of his quilts are part of the renowned John M. Walsh III Collection of Contemporary Art Quilts. His Mona in the Era of Social Butterflies, the first in a new series of digitally printed works, won a Juror's Award of Merit at Quilt National 2013. The second quilt in the series, The "Awefsome" Face Painting of North Coast Mona, is offered below.

The "Awefsome" Face Painting of North Coast Mona by John Lefelhocz
The "Awefsome" Face Painting
of North Coast Mona
Pure Harmony by John Lefelhocz
Pure Harmony
Ohio Star Bar/
Ohio Star Bar/Inspiration on the Wing
Match Schticks by John Lefelhocz
Match Schticks
Breaking the Barrier by John Lefelhocz
Breaking the Barrier

Vincent's Irises Sand Butterflies by John Lefelhocz
Vincent's Irises Sand Butterflies

Money for Nothing by John Lefelhocz
Money for Nothing
Airtime by John Leflehocz
Air Time
98 Koshar oshare Cans by John Lefelhocz
98 Koshare Watermelon Soup Cans
Create an Alternative by John LefelhoczCreate an Equivalent/
Purple Amaryllis
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul/Work Denim Frayed at the Edge Blues by John Lefelhocz
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul/Work Denim Frayed at the Edge Blues

Ring of Fire
Ring of Fire/Burning Desire
Pennies from Heaven/Make Your Ticks Countyby John Lefelhocz
Pennies from Heaven/
Make Your Ticks Count
Pushing the Envelope by John Lefelhocz
Pushing the Envelope

Toward Barred Island by Gayle Fraas and Duncan Slade (detail)

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Toward Barred Island by Gayle Fraas and Duncan Slade (detail)

Bottom left and right: Toward Barred Island (detail) by Gayle Fraas and Duncan Slade